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Welsh born , I grew up and learnt to surf along the gower coast. It was here that a passion for surfing and travel was ignited that has taken me over the world chasing waves. The journey ended in a small North Coast Cornwall town called Bude. Here i met like minded pals and started shaping one off boards for myself and my friends.

I’m from a carpentry family and had trained as an apprentice carpenter. The tools needed to hand shape raw blanks into delicate surfboard shapes felt immediately familiar and with control and an eye for clean lines my boards soon started to gain a good reputation and the word spread. In the beginning it it all started from a shed at Widemouth Bay in 1995, shaping glassing and sanding i’d found a creative outlet and a surfboard company and reputation began to grow.

Fast forward a few years I became great friends with Joss Ash and his brother Reuybn, shaping their equipment and helping bring home many surfing trophies. My insight into performance surfboards had been turbo charged! Working with many great surfers over the years and using their feed-back to build an understanding of how boards interact with water. CC surfboards now has an international reputation for boards that work super well, I believe surfing is about having fun no matter what kind of board you ride, long or short, a good board will bring a bigger smile. Understanding a surfers needs and translating that into a suitable board will help them get more out of what they love. Surfing!

Today at Celtic Connection I concentrate on surfboard design and shaping boards whilst working with a manufacturing team that have honed their skills over 20 years. Quality of finish, materials and ultimately each board performing as it is intended is the mantra because in surfing your only as good as your last board.

Please give us a shout on the phone with any enquiries or fill in our contact form and we’ll be back to you as soon as we can.

Carl Welton, Team CC.