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New year new birthday Surfboard.

Happy new year guys we hope you had a good Christmas and your refreshed and ready for 2017.

To kick of 2017 we have a birthday present custom ordered Satsuma. This rad board features a fade spray from red to orange. Yellow sprayed rails featuring custom cut yellow numbering. A Sun shaped board decal on the deck and custom message on the bottom. The board’s finished off with a gloss polish finish.

Lots of work in this board demonstrating the level of customisation available. Sun Artwork was supplied as a JPEG file and printed onto decal tissue. In realty you can have any image / pattern you like glassed onto your board.

Its a little different this one, but why not go the full custom route next time and get a totally unique board.

The day before the day before Christmas.

Merry Christmas everyone. Two days to go until some serious eating gets under way! last couple of boards of the year are finished and on the way to new homes, a custom performance board with a neon green marble tint for local Bude surfer James and a black railed Refresher for Rick who’s off to Costa Rica for some festive waves.

The Refresher is a perfect travel board, it has volume and width up front for catching waves when the surf is small and a pulled in tail for control when it picks up. We’re also enjoying our tints at the moment so hope to have more people order them next year. Paul has his tint work dialled, we’ve never been more happy with our boards.

There’s been plenty of swell around the last week or so, we hope you’ve all been getting some waves in. Whether your years been yay or nay one thing is for sure, surfing makes everything better!

Next years resolution’s as always, surf more! live more! and most importantly be kind!

Merry Christmas.

Carl / Alex


Christmas Surfboards

Long time no post! How are you? We’ve been getting Christmas surfboards finished in time and also there’s been lots of offshore swell. A good few weeks to end the year on. I’ll post up some more of what we’ve been doing running up to Christmas. I can’t decide whether this is going to be a board directory blog or general what’s been going on. Anyhow, to kick things off here’s our first polished Satsuma this month. An emerald green resin tint. The tint is translucent so the tail patch, stringer and laps are visible. Matched up with a matching hand foiled single fin this board looks 100% lush.

We’ll get back on it with this blog section, be sure to check back every so often for updates.




Scotland for the weekend.

Barnaby Cox and Logan Nicol both made it into the finals of their age categories in Thurso. Cold solid waves were on tap all weekend. Well done Reubyn for winning the open final!

Boards this week at the factory are looking pretty sick!  Next blog post will feature a run down of the boards from the last 7 days.


October Swell Fest

The last 5 days have pumped beyond belief here on the north coast of Cornwall. Waves have lit up every spot thanks to hurricane Nicole. Here’s a few shots of what you’ve either missed, gutted, or guys being shacked and then beaten down on the inside banks. On the board front we have a few shapes on the go this week. We especially like a Logan’s latest board, it’s a Raider with a rounded pin and resin swirl tint.



Latest shapes this week.

This week we’ve been working on surfboards for local Bude surfers. Rounded pin tails are popular choices and are versatile as we head into winter. Joss Ash popped in and was stoke to collect his new quiver.